Syracuse Basketball 1930-1939  
Season Results
Team Record 145-38 0.792
Post Season None
Syracuse played a lot of man to man defense, with rosters that focused on speed rather than size. They played an up pace tempo (for their day), and had a lot of shooting specialists. Overall scoring increased in basketball throughout the decade. Team play became a big focus for the Orangemen as typically 4 - 5 players had a legitimate chance any given night to lead the team in scoring. Positions weren't well defined as the same player easily switch from guard to forward to center. Wilmeth Sidat-Singh integrated the program.
Player of the Decade Ev Katz. He was the best of the Reindeer Five, a speedy quintent early in the decade, with some nice running jump shots. Ed Sonderman, the school's first dominant big center has to get some consideration.
Best Individual Season
Lew Hayman 1929-30. He was captain of an 18-2 squad, and lead them in scoring with 164 points.
Best Team
1929-30. The decade was packed with excellent teams, but this one would have to be the best. The Reindeer Five ran their way to an 18-2 record with victories over many east coast powerhouses.
Top Scorer Ronnie Phillips 428 pts
Top Rebounder n/a
Top Assists n/a
Coach (1) Lew Andreas 10 years 145-38 .792
All Decade Team  
Ronnie Phillips
Ev Katz
Lew Hayman
Johnny DeYoung
Ed Sonderman
Honorable Mentions John Simonaitis, Wilmeth Sidat-Singh. Elmer Maister
Best Shooter Lew Hayman, regarded by many at the time the best shooter Syracuse ever had
Fan Favorite  
Most Exciting Player Ev Katz with his running one handed jump shots. Sidat-Singh definitely provided excitement with his quickness on the court.
Best Defensive Player: Dan Fogarty

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