Syracuse Basketball 1900-1909  
Season Results
Team Record 61-45 0.575
Post Season None
Lineups differed significantly game to game, and substitutions were very rare. Syracuse played virtually only man to man defense. Positions weren't well defined as the same player easily switched from guard to forward to center. Star players still did virtually all the shooting, and there were designated free throw shooters who took all the penalty shots for a team. There were two to three players on a team who were defensive specialists. Defense was very rugged and physical.
Player of the Decade Art Powell. Powell is generally regarded as one of the outstanding basketball players of that era for all schools.
Best Individual Season
Art Powell, 1904-05.
Best Team
1907-08. A more mature schedule and program, the team went 10-3. The 1904-05 team with Art Powell and the Buffalo connection deserve recognition.
Top Scorer Probably Art Powell, who scored 299+ points. Possibly George Kirchgasser
Top Rebounder n/a
Top Assists n/a
Coach (1)

No Coach 3 years 6-13 .316

  John A.R. Scott 7 years 55-32 .632
All Decade Team  
Eddie Dollard
George Kirchgasser
Matt Lee
George Redlein
Art Powell
Honorable Mentions  
Best Shooter Matt Lee. Solid shooter late in the decade.
Fan Favorite Art Powell. He was the team leader, and brought the whole unit together (guys he played AAU basketball with followed him to Syracuse).
Most Exciting Player Art Powell
Best Defensive Player Eddie Dollard

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