Mike Kryzyzewski About Jim Boeheim and Syracuse Back

Post game response by Duke head coach Mike Kyrzyzewski after Syracuse beat Duke, February 22, 2017, on a buzzer beater shot by John Gillon

"Listen it’s always an honor to come up here. Crowd’s great… people… I love Syracuse, and obviously I love Jim and his family. Congratulations to them. And you don’t know what a treasure you have in him. I’ve been with him these eleven years with USA basketball and he’s brilliant, competitive, loyal, and he doesn’t need his ego scratched. In other words he’s humble, as long as we win. And I love the guy, and I’ll be forever grateful for him for what he did, and the bond that we developed during this so it’s hard for me to thinks of this as a rivalry when I think of Jim or Syracuse, but again It’s so go that Syracuse, we’ve been in a number of years in the league, it’s amazing to add not just the quality of play but the history of program, the culture, it’s a valued valued asset for the ACC. "
Jim Boeheim and Mike Krzyzewski

Transcribed by RLYoung

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