Athlete Risks Own Life To Save Another Back

From the Syracuse Herald, August 12, 1918.

Herman Brickman of this city, formerly well known university athlete, almost gave up his own life to save M.E. Stack, paymaster of the Universal Sheet Metal Company, from drowning in Raritan Bay, N.J.

Brickman was swimming in the bay, off Morgan, when he noticed a man struggling in the water three quarters of a mile off shore. He swam to the man and endeavored to get him to lie on his back. But Stack was panic stricken and would not obey. Brickman worked with him for twenty minutes or more in deep water and managed to get him close enough to shore so that others could pick him up.

It required the efforts of several physicians, including Dr. Brady of this city, to revive Brickman. Physicians worked over him for more than an hour as he collapsed after being picked up by a boat.

Capt. W. Paul Answerth of this city, now in ordinance work at South Amboy, who induced Brickman to come there, thinks Brickman should have a Carnegie medal.